Program Information

1. Applications Open!

Feb 1

2. Schedule your call with MH staff

Feb 1 – March 15

3. Applications Close

Mar 15

4. Deadline to Register

April 15

5. Webinar #1

June 12 (9:30pm EST)

6. Webinar #2

June 23 (12:30pm EST)

7. Webinar #3

July 14 (12:30pm EST)

8. Israel Trip

July 28 – August 3

9. First program due!


10. Reunion Retreat

November 15-17

11. Facilitate 5 MH programs and participate in up to 6 mentor calls

August 2019 – August 2020

This experiential masterclass will be centered around a 6 day encounter in Israel, during which our cohort of 40 colleagues will encounter a range of ideas, sites, and activists.

We will be contextualizing our Encounters in Israel using Makom’s innovative 4HQ framework. 4HQ is a framework of thinking and discussion that enables us to embrace all of Israel’s vibrant complexity – through agreement and through disagreement – without getting lost and without losing ourselves. To learn more about the 4HQ framework read this, listen to this, or watch this!

We will begin the trip at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv at 6pm on Sunday, July 28th and end at 10pm on Saturday, August 3rd. Participants must be able to attend the trip from start to finish in order to be considered.


3 pre-trip webinars
June 12 @ 9.30pm EST, June 23 @ 12.30pm EST, July 14th @ 12.30pm EST
These webinars will provide relevant information about the 4HQ framework and our itinerary in Israel, along with three short assignments to make sure we are all on the same page. The webinars are also a platform for colleagues to engage with one another and the material before arriving in Israel.

3 post-trip webinars
Participants will RSVP to 3 of 6 scheduled webinars. The 6 post-trip webinar dates will be announced on the Israel trip.
These webinars will help us transition from being participants to program architects and producers. They will provide the follow-up training and idea-sharing necessary to take ownership of our Moishe House programs.

Reunion Retreat
November 15-17, 2019 (4:00pm Friday through 2:00pm Sunday)
Everyone will be required to complete 1 of their 5 programs before the retreat. At the retreat, we’ll talk through what worked (and didn’t) in those programs, and work together to map out strategies and ideas for future programming. Everyone will walk away with a “game plan” for their remaining 4 programs.

Up to 6 Mentor Calls
Anytime from August 2019 through July 2020
Every 4HQ participant will be assigned 4HQ mentor. This person will be available for a maximum of 6 video conference meetings to help brainstorm, plan, prep, and/or debrief your programs. You’ll schedule 1-on-1 calls with your mentor on an “as needed” basis. Mentors will be on the Israel trip and at the Findings Retreat as well!

5 post-trip Moishe House programs
August 2019 – August 2020
These 5 programs will be the culmination project of this master class, but only the jumping-off point for our personal journeys as facilitators. Each of us will play an integral role in Moishe House’s first venture into peer-led Israel engagement, leading the way with innovative, diverse, and thoughtful programs.

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