What are the application requirements?
Applicants must be…

  • A current Moishe House Resident or an active MHWOW Host.
  • Excited to make a 12-month commitment to this fellowship.
  • Fluent in English (international participants are welcome but the fellowship will take place entirely in English).
  • An experienced facilitator.
  • Open to new ideas and tough conversations.
  • Self-aware and self-reflective.
  • Not new to Israel. Ideally you’ve spent a significant amount of time in Israel beyond a Birthright trip.

What if I am unavailable on a webinar / Israel trip / retreat date? Can I still participate?
Full attendance on the Pre-Trip Webinars, Israel trip (June 26-July 2, 2022) and Reunion Retreat (Nov 4-6, 2022) are mandatory. Only applicants who can attend all events will be considered.

What is the political stance of this master class? Will I be selected / welcome / comfortable if I am of a different political viewpoint?
Our only stance is that we can’t dig into Israel without also honestly engaging in politics – Israel’s politics and the politics of the participants. All voices are welcome. Politics are not everything in Israel (and certainly won’t be everything in this program), but they are IN everything – we believe our connections and conversations will be far richer and rewarding if we grow to embrace this vibrant complexity.

4HQ Israel Encounters will be engaging with the politics, places, passions, and culture of Israel from multiple viewpoints and considering the lives and experiences of many groups of people living in Israel. We look forward to open conversations with everyone from all places on the political spectrum.

When is the deadline to apply, and when can I expect to know if I’ve been selected or not?
The deadline to submit your application and to complete your interview is March 15th. If your application has been approved, you will need to register by April 15th. The cohort will be finalized and applicants will receive correspondence regarding their acceptance the week of April 25th.

What is the itinerary for the Israel Trip?
The itinerary from last year’s trip can be found on the Program Information page of the site. The itinerary for this cohort will be very similar.

What does it cost? Are there scholarship opportunities?
Total cost at registration is $500 ($300 deposit + $200 tuition). $150 will be refunded on the completion of your 2nd 4HQ Moishe House/MHWOW program, $150 will be refunded on the completion of your 5th 4HQ Moishe House/MHWOW program, and $200 will be retained as fellowship tuition.

My housemate and I are both interested. If we both apply, can we both be selected?
Yes. More than one resident per Moishe House may be selected to participate. In fact, we encourage housemates to apply together so the programs can be a collaborative effort.

What is the “convo with Moishe House staff?” Is that an interview?
Kind of. We are looking to curate a diverse and dynamic cohort, and having a brief conversation will help us ensure that we end up with a fantastic group. We will also be curious to hear about your experiences in Israel, as well as your facilitation experience. Be prepared to tell us about programs and discussions you’ve facilitated in the past, and what you’re looking to gain from this experience with 4HQ.

Are there special grants for the follow-up programs?
Yes. Every participant is granted $750 to use for their 5 4HQ programs after the Israel trip.

What if I am a Moishe House resident, but planning to move out of the house soon? Can I still participate?
If you are planning to move out of your Moishe House within 6 months or less of the trip dates (June 26-July 2, 2022), please contact Chelsea at chelsea.levron@moishehouse.org, so we can discuss your options!